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Does the patient have siblings? If so, please tell us about them! If not, skip to the next section.

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Please list anyone that has authority to act on your behalf at your child's appointments. By listing them below you are giving permission for us to discuss your child's treatment progress, as appropriate.

Dental Insurance

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Dental History

Please answer the below questions on behalf of the patient.

Medical History

Acknowledgement of Full Medical Disclosure

Our team is here to help and ensure our patients have as comfortable, pleasant, and safe of an experience as possible. In order to provide the best care, it is very important for us to have a full picture of the following for the patient undergoing treatment:

- medical history
- past and current habits
- behavioral issues
- physical limitations
- anxiety (dental, the unknown, etc.)
- sensitivity (light, vibration, sensory, etc.)
- trigger points

Knowing these details will help us find the best way to manage your child’s / your care and make the most appropriate recommendations. In the event that heightened sensitivity, increased anxiety, and intolerance of appliances in the mouth occurs we may recommend to pause or discontinue treatment once treatment has begun. Although that is never our intention to do so, your child’s/your dental health and safety is our top priority.

Informed Consent

I, the undersigned, have completed the health questionnaire and certify that the preceding information is true and correct. THIS OFFICE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS ARISING OUT OF INADEQUATE INFORMATION OR INFORMATION NOT DISCLOSED.

I consent to any and all diagnostic procedures and orthodontic treatment provided by the doctors, assistants, or other personnel. I release any information concerning my child's health care, advice and treatment to another dentist fo evaluating and administering treatment. I authorize payment of any dental benefits to Signature Orthodontics for services rendered. I certify that I have legal authority under applicable law to act on behalf of the patient identified above.

By sharing this data, you authorize its use including an opt-in to receive emails and text messages from the company per the Terms of Use. To withdraw or limit consent please contact us.